Sunday, November 26, 2006

Buddy Wakefield

Human the Death Dance
by Buddy Wakefield

November 15, 2006

On the face of her phone
Wileen programs a message to herself
so that when the alarm clock rings
the screen flashes:
For some people
it's just a reduction in suffering.

Jordan tattoos the words
in thick black letters
down the inside of his arm
so that when he looks at his wrist
he will remember not to hate himself so much.
What he keeps forgetting
is that there is life after survival.

After Dave left
Mary started sticking her face
between the film projector
and the movie screen
so that when the credits roll
she still gets to be somebody.

Whenever Tara's past comes back she mashes
chalk into the sidewalk
until her knuckles bleed.
She scribbles and scrapes
scribbles and scrapes
till the words take shape
and this is what they say
they say I wanna die mutherfuckers
die DIE mutherfuckers
hold tight if I love ya
cause it might not last long.

Y'all, we're all gonna die.
That's the exciting part.
It's learning how to live for a living,
that's the tricky stitch.
Just ask Denise
whose family taught her when she came into this world
that Family equals Love
so Denise took that shit seriously
but after a lifetime of craving acceptance from their cruelty
she now finds herself jamming Polaroid pictures of these people into her typewriter
and pounding out the last letter of the word mercy
over and over and over again.
She strikes the key Y.
Y? Y? Y?Y?Y?

The answer?
The answer comes in the form of a handwritten letter from the moon.
It reads:
This is brutally beautiful.
So are we.
This is endless.
So are we.
We can heal this.
Crater Face
P.S. See me for who I am.
We've got work to do.

But my father
he didn't read moon
he didn't speak moon
and he didn't write moon
so there was no letter found next to his body in the garage
when he chose to leave this place on purpose
without saying where he was goin' or why.
There are still days you can catch me
tape recording eternal silence
and playing it backwards for an empty room
so I can listen to his dieing wish

it's true,
the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree,
but my family tree
was in an orchard on a hill
that rolled me to the river
and that river
ripped me through the rapids
and those rapids
rushed me into this moment
right here right now
with you
at the mouth.

This is my church.
And if church is a house of healing
hallelujah welcome
come in as you are
have a look around
stay out of the porn.
There are massive stacks of bad choices in my backyard.
Haven't finished cleaning the place up
but I'm workin' on it
and clearly I have not yet reached enlightenment
for more than a fleeting moment
but I'm tryin'
and I found somethin' here I want ya to have.
It's not much
just a story
but it's all I've got
so take it.
It's called Dillon.

Dillon's drug of choice was more
so Dillon took more
and more and more and more
until the day he woke up
babbling in a pool of his own traffic jam
realizing he was killing off the best parts of himself
and claiming he could read peoples' skin.
When Dillon looked down at his heart flap
the skin read Boy, go find your spine and ride it outta here.

Wileen's gut said Day 1.
Jordan's arms were FULLY FORGIVEN.
Mary's face read The

Tara's knuckles: Healing.
Denise's fingertip said C?
C. C. C.C.C.
And my smile
Dillon said my smile it said Fix it
so I came here to the mouth of the river
to look at my own reflection in the moonlight
and see what it says for myself
down my whole body
where it is written
in the skin
See me for who I am.
We've got work to do.

As for Crater Face,
I can't speak for him.
His skin
is a brutally beautiful
handwritten letter
from the sun.

(Remond Liesting is responsible for teaching me that happiness is more than just a reduction in suffering.

Tracie Moran gets all the credit for calling us "brutally beautiful."

Mike Dillon is responsible for "drug of choice = more", reading peoples' skin, and "fix it".

I wrote this piece in full in my head while at Vipassana Oct. 26- Nov. 5.

This is the first time it's seen the page.)


Elayne said...

What an amazing and unsettling piece of work. We all carry something around with us, we are all just craving love.
Wishing you some of that!

Brian D said...

Once again Buddy you inspire me. Peace brother.

arod1123 said...

My best friend introduced me to the work of Buddy Wakefield and now she is gone. Turns out she didn't speak or read moon either but after she was gone I found a copy of Cannon ball man that I swore I gave back to her. I have never been so happy to have stolen something in my life and when I read these words they inspire me for more reasons than one.

arod1123 said...
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Unknown said...

Heard excerpts of this in a few Sage Francis songs, had me curious where they came from